Project VDV

Newly built villa that was provided with a complete electro-technical & domotica installation.

Photo material © The Art of Living magazine, Jaro van Meerten
Interior architect: Steven Van Dooren

Year: 2022

Our role

  • Audio & video
  • Automated curtains
  • Camera surveillance
  • Automation
  • Elektricity
  • Home cinema
  • Multi-room audio
  • Netwerk / WiFi
  • Access control
  • Lighting automation
  • Heating / Cooling / Ventilation
  • Heating automation

Tailor-made homecinema

We designed and implemented a home cinema in the living room. The projection screen is fully customized and seamlessly integrated into the TV cabinet. This means the projection screen is not an annoying element and is concealed until the customer wants to enjoy a high-end cinema experience.

Experience what home automation can do for you

Visit our demoroom
The demo room of ABC - Domotica NV where three people are experiencing home automation