Project PL

For this office building in Brussels we took care of the complete building management. From light control to access control via badge readers and multi-room audio that switches on automatically as soon as the alarm is switched off.

Year: 2019

Our role

  • Audio & video
  • Automation
  • Access control
  • Lighting automation

Multi room audio

As soon as the alarm is turned off in the morning, the right audio is automatically switched on for each section of the building with specific volume and media type (radio, streaming, etc.).

These settings can easily be adjusted via an application on the employees desktops.

Ease of use at the forefront

Walk in, put down your laptop and start in no time.

Thanks to a custom user interface, the user is guided step-by-step to get started with his or her presentation as quickly as possible.

Experience what home automation can do for you

Visit our demoroom
The demo room of ABC - Domotica NV where three people are experiencing home automation