Project CS

The total renovation of a house full of character from the 60's was first provided by us with a complete electrical installation. After that we provided the house with all modern luxury & comfort.

Year: 2015

Our role

  • Audio & video
  • Automated curtains
  • Camera surveillance
  • Automation
  • Elektricity
  • Multi-room audio
  • Netwerk / WiFi
  • Lighting automation

Home cinema

We installed a home cinema setup with hidden speakers & subwoofer. This way the aesthetics of the interior are not compromised. All media can be controlled with one central remote control.

Automated curtains

We provided automatic curtains around the bed in a tailor-made solution. With the push of a button the curtains close and the light goes out.

Experience what home automation can do for you

Visit our demoroom
The demo room of ABC - Domotica NV where three people are experiencing home automation